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Rarely in my experience, does
someone offer such impressive
credentials in such a genuine, earnest,
and sincere package.If you’re looking for an extremely
credible, very entertaining,
high-energy speaker for just about any occasion,
Toni Branner is a “can’t miss”.


Elton Dubose, VP
Distributor Relations

Juice Plus

“Toni is an excellent communicator with a diverse background that allows her to relate and connect with the audience. Her inspirational style will motivate you to reach higher than you ever thought possible.”
Randy Mathews
Vice President of Marketing, NSA/Juice Plus+®


“We have had the good fortune to have worked with Toni Branner on several events that my wife and I hosted here in New England. we can honestly say that she captivated all of the audiences with such spirit, enthusiasm, and grace. Clearly, in her message she held a wealth of knowledge and yet she has that wonderful ability to share information in a manner that all are able to easily grasp. All who participated were elevated by their time spent with Toni! From our standpoint she was a joy with whom to work!”
Gretchen and Woody Comstock


“In the 20+ years I have known Toni Branner I have attended many nutrition classes as well as been a participant in her fitness program. When you take a class from Toni you will find she lives what she teaches. She has practical advice for each person based on their fitness and wellness level. I am convinced that my health would not be at the excellent level it is without her faithful guidance. I highly recommend her as a speaker for any organization wanting to learn more about healthy eating and exercise programs for all ages.”
Lurene Ulrich
New Outlook Interiors

“I was invited by a friend to attend a Juice Plus+ presentation that was given by Toni Branner in January of 2013. As I was preparing to go that morning, it never entered my mind that I was about to learn some of the most important information of my life! Since I have genetically high cholesterol, I always thought of my life as being “doomed”. I just knew that diabetes would be the next thing coming my way. My doctors had said I needed to eat a low fat diet and exercise more, but I never truly understood the importance of it all. That is until Toni broke everything down to a level that I understood that day. Her presentation was totally from the heart and full of easy steps I could take toward better health. When she said that I could flip my genetic switches by taking these steps, it was as though I was the only person in the room. I could do this and I wasn’t doomed to have high cholesterol or be on medication the rest of my life! I will be forever indebted to Toni for showing me that a plant based diet was what my body wants and needs. It has truly been life changing!! I am no longer on cholesterol medication and at my last doctors appointment he was amazed at the results from my blood work. He said I was his gold star patient for the month!!!! So thank you for giving me hope and a plan!!”
Kendra McCachern
Wellness Intensive Participant

Toni Branner, M.A.

Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition/Fitness Coach
Professional Speaker and Motivator
Wellness Consultant
Author and Creator

About Toni

  • SPEAKER, CONSULTANT: Exercise Physiologist, Professional Speaker, Wellness Consultant
  • DIRECTOR OF SEMINARS of Care & Feeding Partners: A network of doctors, dieticians, personal trainers and nutrition experts who work together to educate our community. They provide health-related seminars and workshops for Children, Adults & Seniors for over 27 years as well as personal consults.
  • DIRECTOR OF WELLNESS & PREVENTION: United States Performance Center, Charlotte, NC
  • DIRECTOR JUICE PLUS: National Marketing Director/ Research Specialist: NSA/Juice Plus
  • FITNESS DIRECTOR: Mecklenburg Aquatic Club, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • FORMER PROFESSOR UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine



  • Around the Block with the Crazy Plant Lady (May 2013)
  • The Safe Exercise Handbook, 5th edition,
  • Wilby’s Fitness Book for Children,
  • The Care and Feeding of a Dancer
  • The Care and Feeding of an Athelte (NAPPA Gold Winner)
  • The Care and Feeding of a Soccer Player


  • Around the Block with the Crazy Plant Lady Fitness and Healthy Eating Program
  • The Safe Exercise Workout DVD

Toni Branner is a former dancer and captained UNC-Chapel Hill’s Tarheel cheerleading squad during the glory years of Michael Jordan. She holds undergraduate degrees in Biology and Physical Education and received her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she also served as director of the UNC Employee Health and Fitness center and as faculty member in the Department of Physical Education, Exercise, and Sports Science.

Toni is the director of Care & Feeding Partners, a professional speaking and consulting business in Charlotte, North Carolina that provides seminars for professionals and the lay public on topics such as anti-aging, children’s wellness, motivation for lifestyle change, whole food nutrition, stress management, and safe exercise. She was just named Director of Wellness & Prevention at the brand new United States Performance Center in Charlotte NC and has been the Fitness Director for Mecklenburg Aquatic Club in Charlotte for 22 years. Toni is the proud mother of Jenna and Will and the wife of Billy who is a physician (Ophthalmologist). Toni serves on the boards and wrote the fitness and nutrition curriculum for Let Me Run, a program for boys in grades 4 through 7 and Kid’s Heartfelt Health, an after school healthy cooking and fitness program.

Her book for adults, “The Safe Exercise Handbook” (5th Edition) promotes the importance of a regular exercise program as a means of improving your health and quality of life. This book currently is used on US Navy aircraft carriers to guide military personnel through their workouts. “Wilby’s Fitness Book” is a rhyming children’s storybook which includes innovative ideas to help children stay healthy and make healthy choices.  Her newest series of books include: The Care and Feeding of an Athlete (NAPPA Gold Award Winner), The Care and Feeding of a Dancer (NAPPA Honor Award Winner), and The Care and Feeding of a Soccer Player give state-of-the-art training and nutrition information to young athletes. Look for Toni’s new book “Around the Block with the Crazy Plant Lady” out in May of 2013.

Toni volunteers in a different school each week teaching students, parents, and teachers the skills and knowledge to take responsibility for their own health. In the spring of 2012, Toni spoke at an event for Michele Obama’s program to prevent childhood obesity in Washington, D.C.

Through 28 years of wellness classes for children, adults and seniors, as well as numerous speaking engagements, workshops and academic presentations, Toni has shown thousands of people the way to prevent disease, eat healthier, perform effective, injury-free fitness and achieve optimal health. She is a gifted teacher, passionate about making a difference in the health of our world.

Make Your Next Event a
World Class Success!
Audiences for 30 years have said that
Toni is one of the best speakers they
have ever heard and most of her work
is repeat business for companies,
schools, churches, and conferences!

Guarantee the Success of Your Event!:

  • Toni is Your Best Choice for Keynote Speaker.
  • 30 Years of Reliable and Consistent Experience – Toni is a Team Player.
  • Toni cares for people and is intensely interested in serving as a resource after your event.
  • Toni ‘s talks are entertaining but are based on current published research and medical data.
  • 80% of Toni’s work is repeat business…Companies, conferences and schools have her back time and time again.

Recent Titles

  • Around the Block with the Crazy Plant Lady: A Cutting Edge Fitness and Wellness Plan.
  • The Care & Feeding of You: The New Nutrition and Energy Management
  • The REAL Health Care Reform: It’s Up to You!
  • Lifestyles of the Lean and Healthy: A Life Plan for Weight Control and Optimal Health
  • Wellness for Couch Potatoes and Other Normal People
  • The Care & Feeding of an Athlete
  • The Care & Feeding of a Performer (Actors, Dancers, Singers, and Musicians)

Advice on Choosing a Speaker

Advice from Global Change on Choosing a Speaker – “World-class conference keynote speakers are very rare. Awful keynote speakers are unfortunately very common and dreaded by conference participants everywhere. You can usually tell if a keynote speaker is going to shine in less than a couple of minutes. What makes a good keynote speaker?
With a great keynote speaker there’s an immediate total emotional and mental connection, a stage presence, an energy which captivates, the whole auditorium lights up. Being a keynote speaker is not a logical or rational thing only. You can watch videos of keynote speakers and try to analyze style or content but there’s something else going on. In fact videos are a very poor tool to capture the experience of being part of a live audience that is being “worked” by a pro. It’s almost mystical – connection of one person with hundreds or thousands is primary characteristic of world-class keynote speakers.
People relate to people, and at the end of the day that’s what really counts.”

For Education:

School Assemblies: Preschool Through College

Would you like your students to focus better in class and excel at their work? Changing how they treat their bodies will make a huge difference! Toni will come to your school and teach your students about health in a way they can understand. She uses great props to help the students grasps the importance of eating their fruits and vegetables. She will teach them some fun exercises and motivate them to get moving. Toni teaches the science behind good health and she relates to the kids on just the right level. Toni knows kids are smart and will empower them to choose to eat healthy and exercise.

Parent Meetings

Toni typically meets with parents, one evening after a school assembly, to reinforce and expand upon what the kids learned in the school assembly. She recognizes that educating the children can only take them so far, but real change needs to come from the home. Toni will empower the parents so that they can live as a healthy example for their kids. She will educate them on the importance of eating healthy, making it affordable, and having a daily exercise routine. She will also teach them great tricks on how to get their kids to eat their fruits and vegetables as well as exercise in a fun way!


Do you need Toni to give you reliable resources to change the cafeteria lunches and add physical activity to the school day? Develop a wellness program for your school and teachers? If so, please contact Toni for a meeting where she can give you the exact steps to start making changes for your school district. Let’s help feed our children the healthiest lunches possible so they can be at their best!

For Business Conferences & In House Training:

Increase Your Employee Productivity & Reduce Health Costs

Would you like your employees to function at the highest level possible? To be more aware, have more energy and reduce their risk of chronic disease? This innovative workshop will help your employees truly understand how eating healthier and exercising will decrease illness and health care cost while increasing individual overall productivity and well-being! Toni will give them quick and easy plant-based meal and snack ideas that are health building. She will also teach them the importance of exercising as well as cutting-edge research on energy management.

For Physicians and HealthCare Professionals:

For The Professionals

Toni stays current on cutting edge research showing how proper nutrition and fitness can not only prevent, but reverse some diseases. She will help empower you, the health care provider, with knowledge and research-based resources on how to motivate and educate your patient with the latest research. Toni’s most popular talk for doctors and hospitals is Putting Plants in Your Practice: How a Plant-Based Diet Can Reverse and Prevent Chronic Disease.

For The Patients

Gather your patients for an invaluable lesson on how they can prevent and sometimes reverse their diseases with proper health and nutrition. Toni’s ACT program has three simple levels to move patients toward optimal health. Toni makes science and research understandable (even fun) and uses examples and personal stories to empower patients to live a healthier lifestyle and take ownership of their wellness.

For Community Groups & Churches:

Groups / Clubs

Toni can motivate, entertain and educate your group or club with a variety of topics. Each talk is custom designed for your group. Toni offers two free of charge talks per month to non-profit groups.

Click Here for a Quote for Your Group


Toni and her team of Registered Dietitians, Health Coaches, Personal Trainers and Physicians will customize your own personal Health Transformation! Permanent Lifestyle Changes and Support for a new you!

ACT: Cutting Edge Prevention

Private Consultation

Alter your perspective
Change your habits
Transform your destiny

ACT Program – Personal Fitness & Nutrition Evaluation:

Two to three hour coaching session, includes: workbook, DVD with exercise bands, eating plan for top performance, weight control and prevention of chronic disease, complete exercise program, and follow-up checks.


  • Research Based – Cutting Edge Prevention – This Program is Tried and Proven to Work!
  • Eating plan for top performance, weight control and prevention of chronic disease
  • Custom Exercise Prescriptions for Home, Travel and Gym
  • Follow Up Checks and Unlimited Resource Access
  • Includes workbook, two exercise bands, DVD and resource packet
  • $200 per person ($300 for two people to encourage the buddy system with spouse or friend)
  • No charge for children or family members to sit in and participate
  • Can be done as a phone consultation.

Contact Toni Branner to schedule

*Disease Specific Registered Dietitian Consultation has additional charge, if necessary ($50 discount for teachers, retirees, and military families)

*This program can be taught as a 4 hour workshop for a group (Call for Pricing)

What is your dream? Is your dream for World Peace? Let’s hope that happens! My dream is for World Health! My dream is to change the tide of sickness and sadness in our country to one of health and vitality…..Today marks the first entry to try and share online what I have been sharing with audiences and clients for 30 years. The answers to REAL health care reform are actually very simple. The very same changes and decisions that you make to be a better performing athlete, business owner, employee, parent, or student are the exact same changes you make to control your weight, to reduce your risk from all chronic disease and to have the health and energy to live life to the fullest. You need clear research-based information and motivation to point you in the right direction. Please visit often as I share tried and proven strategies based on real science that really work now and in the long term.

With positive thoughts,

Toni Branner: The Crazy Plant Lady!

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